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The Underwater Experience

   Have you always been mesmerized by the water and loved underwater images? You need this experience in your life! I often times hear people say I would love to do an underwater session but I can’t open my eyes under water, I’d have to hold my nose, or I can’t swim. I’m here to tell you with the tips and tricks I’ve acquired over the years we can still make magic happen for you! Don’t let these things stop you from at least getting a consultation! Chances are I have a way to work around it! Every underwater session has a certified safety team that gently helps work you into your underwater comfort zone. Before the session we’ll discuss what type of vibe and end result we are going for, then I’ll send you a style guide with the best fabrics and colors that I think will match up. All underwater sessions also include unlimited access to my clients closet that’s full of flowy and fun gowns. You’ll also receive a what to expect guide upon booking. We’ll have your favorite snacks ready during breaks and a playlist designed just for you! Underwater images are so dreamy, I’d love to be your guide in making it a magical experience for you! 

Nina Maternity19.jpg
Nina Maternity1.jpg

Underwater Maternity

Nina Maternity22.jpg

Underwater Bridal

Underwater Bridal7.jpg

Underwater Senior Sessions 


Underwater birthday

Underwater Boudoir 

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